How did you make the decision to become an artist?

It was something that just happened; a need to do and express myself. I studied communication but always had a strong inclination for art, music, and video. In college, I made a minor in arts and from there I went deeper to produce art.

What does inspire you?

What inspires and interests me is all these great existentialism and human conflicts. I also like the supernatural and mystery.

What is your work about?

My work is a way of explaining our existence in the universe.

How would you describe your technique / style?

I have 2 slopes. The first one is digital tending to the geometric symmetry, lines and the conceptual. The other side of this are the drawings I make by hand using markers, and is more organic and colorful. This allows me to explore different things in each.

What is the latest project you have done?

I always try to be working on something, it is very important for me to spend time every day to produce. I am currently doing a music video and I’m doing several illustrations by hand. This artwork is a mix between the primitive and the futuristic.

In what way do you think that art influences daily life?

Usually artists have a progressive vision. Often these ideas are ahead of their time and serve to take a look at how they will be thinking the near future.

What you like you do in your daily life?

 I like to draw, make music and produce videos. I also like to cook and read about UFOs.