How did you start doing photography? Since childhood, I was interested in graphic arts; I always liked to draw and paint. I studied design and started to get involved with photography. Following this path  I began devoting myself to take pictures.

What inspires your work?

I get inspired by experimenting with materials, it is almost a therapy for me in which I can give time to myself.

What is your work about?

It is an experiment in which I explore different things that interest me, such as landscape and abstraction. I really like to work alone, it relaxes me being in my studio looking into it for my projects.

What is your technique of choice?

I use digital media which  I can easily relate because of my career as a graphic designer.

What is the latest project you did?

Last year I made a trip to Iceland in which I took a lot of landscape photography. I am currently editing the series for a solo exhibition.


In what way do you think the art influence daily life?

Visual is very important, it really moves me,  film, photographs or illustration. I think that today art and design are much more appreciated then they used to be. One of the advantages of the digital world in which everything produces images, is that it has helped people to have a better visual education.

What do  you do in your daily life?

I love traveling, watching sitcoms and hanging out with my friends. I think that photography is the most eccentric thing in my day to day life!