LAUX events in September!

Wow! September was definitely busy for us. We had two exhibitions in two different cities, in two different countries, on two different continents!First there was Di.Me; an event that took place as part of this year’s dual celebration between Mexico and the UK. Held in London from September 14 to 18, and organized by ProMexico in collaboration with the prestigious fashion magazine TANK, we were part of a group of selected Mexican designers.


It was a busy week; the aim of the showroom was to position the Mexican Fashion and Design Industry with boutiques and galleries among potential UK buyers. We welcomed a lot of people and presented our vision to a very interesting audience. We enjoyed a warm welcome by London. The weather was great, and most days were unusually clear and sunny. But most importantly, it was a great pleasure to showcase our makers’ work and have such a positive response! It was a great experience for us, and we definitely hope to return to London soon.


After a week in London, it was time to return to Mexico. We had to get ready for our exhibit at Decode Design Festival. DECODE is a project based in Monterrey, Mexico, aiming to promote industrial design, and to consolidate the design scene in the country.


From Friday, September 25, until Sunday the 27th, the festival offered a variety of activities, lectures and very interesting workshops for attendees. We had a booth where people could learn more about our vision, collaborative business model and, most importantly, enjoy our makers’ work. Two of our artists even performed interventions on some of the walls at the venue It was an extraordinary experience and we were very excited to take part in such an interesting event.

Blasto Mural bacalaomural2Bacalaomural

We want to thank all people who visited us, those who bought, and those who came and chatted with us wanting to understand our business. We love having the opportunity to chat and tell you why we love what we do and why we do it!


Hopefully this brief post gave you a small glimpse into how September went for us, we would love to add a lot more shows and meet more of you in the future.

Stay tuned for more LAUX news. Follow us on Instagram (@lauxgallery) to keep to date. And check out the behind the scenes posts on our up and coming projects.

Thank you all!

Laux Team

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