How did you make the decision to become an artist?

I initially  wanted to be a filmmaker and that’s why I studied at Visual Arts School,  which has a specialization in audiovisual languages. After seven semesters of drawing, it dawned to me that I had the ability in plastic arts. In a very intuitive way I knew I had to get into the area of ​​visual arts.

In what way your initial inclination toward movies influences your work?

It’s a great influence, almost all my references have to do with the film. When I started my career, I used resources like  film, MTV, the Internet, magazines, and it was with this that gradually helped shape my vision. I use many movie quotes and song titles.

What’s your work about?

My work has to do with how I relate to my environment and consumer information, it is a reflection from myself. I am also very interested in the philosophy generated by authors like Zizek reflections.

How would you describe your technique and style?

I have many references of Pop Art, but I am very eclectic in that issue. I use employment, hyperrealism and realism combined with bright colors or using coarser figures.

What would you like to achieve with your work?

I share the objective of my work and my way of working with as many people as possible.

What is the latest project you have done?

Right now I’m finishing a piece that began in 2007, but continued intermittently in the subsequent years. Its about  7 pieces repeated as mirror reflections 7 times by, made with images from magazines and oil paint. It is very realistic and detailed.

In what way do you think the art influences daily life?

It influences daily life by showing other ways of seeing, up close and interacting with the environment itself.