El Grand Chamaco self


When did you make the decision to become an artist, and how did that come about?

From a young age I would draw and have a curiosity for creating things; although, I don’t really see myself in the art world. I grew up in a very small village called Los Ramones, and until a few years ago, there was still no Internet. As a kid, I really liked watching one of the 2 channels we had available on TV in town, the cartoon channel. I would draw the characters. When I came to the city and discovered the Internet, I started to see that there was a big world with many drawing opportunities. Three years ago I started to use the web as the main media to distribute my work.

What is your work about?

My work is an exploration of Mexican aesthetics and culture, specifically from the northern region of the country. Before showing my work, I defined my style. I knew very well that I wanted Mexican themes and very bright colors. From here, I also took the shape of the bean as a type of figure to use in the features of my characters.

Can you talk more about the bean as an element?

I started with the bean’s silhouette as the fundamental shape. I thought it was a very representative shape of a Mexican aesthetics, and so I included it in my work; along with the bright colors.

What would you like to accomplish with your work?

I am interested in showing my work to others. I also enjoy collaborating with brands I like, and that understand my style of work.

Which brands have you collaborated with?

Telcel, Nickelodeon, Carta Blanca, Nike, Sprite.

What was your first project?

With the project Se dibujan tuits, I envisioned a way to combine Twitter with my drawings. I would choose the tweets I liked the most, draw them and share them while tagging the original author. When I did the math, I had about 500 followers within posting the first 3 drawings. I liked this way of showing my work.

What was the last project, until now, that you participated in?

It was with Pictoplasma. About 2 years ago they  invited me to participate in the festival and just recently my work with them was on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, Mexico.

In what way do you think art influences everyday life?

I believe it can help people very much. When you see something that captivates you and makes you ask, “who did this?” it’s because the art moved you. I suppose it’s just an instant smile, but that is something important in life.

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