LAUX 2015 Holiday Card Open Call!

Submission Deadline: Thursday, November 26, 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and LAUX is looking for innovative holiday card designs. Our customers are seeking designs that are unique and cover a wide range of styles. There are no design restrictions other than size for these call so think of what you would want to get in the mail this holiday season.

The pieces selected from this open call will be available for purchase on our website from Dec. 1 to 31.


A7 (5”x7”) or square (5.25” x 5.25”) flat card. Both landscape and portrait orientations are fine. Please allow for a .1” bleed.

Prepare your submissions:

For submission, you must send maximum 5 files to us at no larger than 550 x 550 pixels, under 200kb, and in JPEG format. Files that are too large will not be accepted. JPEGs must be in RGB color mode.

If your design gets selected, final artwork will be required in TIFF format (NO JPEGs). Final artwork must be in CMYK mode, with bitmap elements at a minimum 300 ppi.

You also need to send us the following information about you and your piece in a .PDF document.


Short Bio:


Short description:

Make sure to include all pieces you’re submitting.(5 maximum)

Send the complete info to

Other things to consider:

Please do not make multiple submissions of the same design with different color variations or minor tweaks.

Be sure to name each of your designs. Please use only alpha-numeric characters in the design names (e.g., no commas, semi-colons, dollar signs, etc.).

What Happens Next?

Selected works will be announced Friday, November 27

If your design gets selected, final artwork will be required in TIFF format (NO JPEGs). Final artwork must be in CMYK mode, with bitmap elements at a minimum 300 ppi.

All selected makers must read and accept terms and conditions.

Selected designs will receive a 20% commission from LAUX.

  • Art Prints, What is a Print?
  • Art Prints, What is a Print?
  • Art Prints, What is a Print?
  • Art Prints, What is a Print?
  • Art Prints, What is a Print?
  • Art Prints, What is a Print?
  • Art Prints, What is a Print?

Art Prints, What is a Print?

What is art? Who decides it? These are very complex questions that have been asked for centuries; and, to this day are still being discussed by artists, curators, galleries, philosophers and so on. At LAUX we believe that art is not just something to be understood, but rather something to be enjoyed. And we know you like to enjoy yourself.

Our mission is to create a link between amazing creators and people who would enjoy their work, and we believe that the best way to do so in our present times is to make art prints. 

So, what exactly is an art Print? Well, a print is obviously not an oil painting, a sculpture, a piece of pottery, or jewelry, or a drawing. Although prints could be made from all of these things; they could also incorporate prints within them.

A print is a graphic image that has been duplicated one or more times. This is one of the advantages printmaking has over other art forms: the ability for the artist to create, with relative ease, multiple copies of a single work.  This is the reason we decided to produce art prints; because these multiple copies, called prints, allow a work to be seen, enjoyed and owned by many people rather than just one.   In this way, our customers can benefit from very affordable prices, while getting a high-quality product, and creators can reach a broader audience.

All of our prints are reproductions authorized by our makers, printed on FSC Certified  acid and lignin-free matte paper, with deluxe pigment ink. The result is a high quality, beautiful print with vibrant colors. Check out our catalogue and discover the works of very talented young creators.

Make your spaces as unique as yourself. Select the one that fits your personality.

Become a collector. Let art and design fill your life.  Start your collection now.

Announcing New Makers!


We are thrilled to announce the results from our latest open call.

We want to thank all the people who shared their work with us, it was a tough choice for our committee who reviewed  more than 40 portfolios.

New Makers_Final

Visit our website  to see all the amazing pieces we added to our new selection.

All the best!

LAUX Team.

LAUX events in September!

Wow! September was definitely busy for us. We had two exhibitions in two different cities, in two different countries, on two different continents!First there was Di.Me; an event that took place as part of this year’s dual celebration between Mexico and the UK. Held in London from September 14 to 18, and organized by ProMexico in collaboration with the prestigious fashion magazine TANK, we were part of a group of selected Mexican designers.


It was a busy week; the aim of the showroom was to position the Mexican Fashion and Design Industry with boutiques and galleries among potential UK buyers. We welcomed a lot of people and presented our vision to a very interesting audience. We enjoyed a warm welcome by London. The weather was great, and most days were unusually clear and sunny. But most importantly, it was a great pleasure to showcase our makers’ work and have such a positive response! It was a great experience for us, and we definitely hope to return to London soon.


After a week in London, it was time to return to Mexico. We had to get ready for our exhibit at Decode Design Festival. DECODE is a project based in Monterrey, Mexico, aiming to promote industrial design, and to consolidate the design scene in the country.


From Friday, September 25, until Sunday the 27th, the festival offered a variety of activities, lectures and very interesting workshops for attendees. We had a booth where people could learn more about our vision, collaborative business model and, most importantly, enjoy our makers’ work. Two of our artists even performed interventions on some of the walls at the venue It was an extraordinary experience and we were very excited to take part in such an interesting event.

Blasto Mural bacalaomural2Bacalaomural

We want to thank all people who visited us, those who bought, and those who came and chatted with us wanting to understand our business. We love having the opportunity to chat and tell you why we love what we do and why we do it!


Hopefully this brief post gave you a small glimpse into how September went for us, we would love to add a lot more shows and meet more of you in the future.

Stay tuned for more LAUX news. Follow us on Instagram (@lauxgallery) to keep to date. And check out the behind the scenes posts on our up and coming projects.

Thank you all!

Laux Team

5 important things you should know about LAUX

LAUX, design, art, art prints, posters
Laux gallery
You’ve gotten to know LAUX, but we think it is time for us to share the top 5 reasons that make us special.
One. We are passionate about design. We feel deeply attached to all kinds of artistic expression; and love how it fills our everyday life with personality.
Two. We have come to know some very talented people whose work inspires and motivates us. So we crafted a space where their work can be displayed and enjoyed by everyone.
Three. We’re determined to share what these talented makers do by helping our customers discover great and unique products. Who would’t want to enrich their environment with beautiful things?
Four. Our passion has become our job. We’ve dedicated our lives to promote the work of top young Mexican talent. We feel very lucky that we get to do what we love!
Five. The last thing you should know about LAUX is that we take our commitment to quality very seriously. We pride ourselves on making sure that every print we sell is both meaningful and beautifully made.
 Now that you know a little bit more about us, you’ll find we have a lot in common, and you can be sure that there will be something in our shop that fits your lifestyle.

This is us.

LAUX is home for creators and makers of the exceptional; where you can find meaningful and personal design.

Our passion for art, design and culture is reinforced by our sense of a considerate and professional marketplace. We are forging a community ready to change the status quo. 

Get ready!

LAUX Launch Event


It’s been a couple of weeks since our launch event and we want to share it with you in case you missed it.

We want to thank our friends, makers and guests who gathered at Gómez Bar. They had the chance to see all the new LAUX pieces, and share a very special night with us.

Images speak louder than words, so here is a brief video. Enjoy!

Welcome to LAUX


Welcome to LAUX


We’re really excited to launch the site today; after a few months of work and a really great effort from all of our team, we’re finally here!

LAUX is a marketplace that promotes creativity to present the best Mexican talent to the world. We represent a community ready to change the status quo, and revolutionize the art and design industry by bringing creators and audiences closer together. 

Having you here means a lot to us. At LAUX you will find art and design that is both meaningful and personal. We are certain that you will find the perfect piece to fit your character and reflect your lifestyle. 

We carefully crafted this space especially for you, and we really hope you enjoy it. Feel free to browse and learn more about us, our creators or check our FAQs section for specific information. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thanks for coming by, we invite you to step inside and check out our new home.