About LAUX Gallery

Who We Are

LAUX is marketplace that promotes creativity to present the best Mexican talents to the world. We represent a community ready to change the status quo, and revolutionize the art and design industry by bringing creators and audiences closer together. 

LAUX links talented creators and savvy collectors through affordable objects that excite and lift the human spirit. We offer artists a professional and innovative platform to exhibit and sell their work. And we introduce our collectors to meaningful and personal art and design pieces.

What We Do

We commission unique, limited edition art pieces to talented Mexican artists. We work closely with them to create these modern artworks and bring you the very best.  All our prints and posters are produced and sold exclusively by us.

Meet our Team

Bertha Morales, Founder

Bertha is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in the creative industry. She was born in Mexico, and currently lives in London. Bertha has a BA in Marketing and studied Business Management in the Art World at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Since 2011 she has been working in the arts, with the aim to make art accesible to all.

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Eugenio Mañon, Information Technology

Eugenio is a founding partner of the company. He holds an MBA with a focus on Technology Management. He has 20 years experience in managing technology for a large multinational bank, as well as for several successful start ups. Eugenio is responsible for developing and delivering technology infrastructure and operations solutions at LAUX.

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